About Us

LGBTSupport.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting members of the LGBT community.

LGBTSupport.org offers a FREE online forum where members can go to get peer to peer advice, and support. As well as a place to share the joys, and fun times in life.

To visit our online forums please visit LGBTSupport.boards.net.

At LGBTSupport.org we strive every day to provide a safe, loving, caring and trusting environment where members of the LGBT community can safely share the day to day struggles that they are facing in their lives. We will also work to provide financial assistance to members of the LGBT community when they are facing hardship or are in need of assistance leaving an unhealthy situation. LGBTSupport.org will always be a place where your story will be heard and your voice will mean something. A place where hope starts to heal.